HAZARD in 6 manifestations

electronic music em096 <<< free download >>>

a stimulating release! -lucaplays-sound art-
it’s my atonal discordant fix for the day...an anti-music box.
...and then it gets weird. In only the best of ways.
-the muse in music-

-1- strang
this baroque-folky mutation is reminiscent of 60s
acid-psychedelia. We tried to play crystalline
head-music without any bass-frequencies.

-2- piano - bang! bang! shock culture
a cycle for 4 players and piano.
we change our position
(in front of, behind, below the piano)
and the approach, style and mode
of playing piano permanently.

-3- strings
a noisy drone played with thick piano-strings,
thin spinet-strings and a long string stretched
from floor to ceiling. the music develops from
sustained to selective.

-4- rhythm

-5- & -7- achtung / zug (2 interludes)
short sound- and text-manipulations of recordings
from german propaganda broadcasting during
second world-war.

-6- stoerung
generated out of defective amp-noise, ultrahigh
frequence-filtering of flute and destruction of

-8- forbidden zone
a collage inspired by classical japanese music.
sounds of water and wetness culminate in

involved artists (tracknumbers bracketed):

ferdinand (1,4,8)
issig (1-4,6,8)
jürke (3,6,8)
lautermann (1-4,6,8)
möllhusen ((1-8)
schölpen (1-4,6,8)

prepared acoustic instruments
sound objects, selfmades
microphony: mainly larynx-mics from the army
electronic mudulation

recorded january 2008
mix/cut april 2008